gross anatomy of eyelid

Diagram of Gross anatomy of eyelid

Gross anatomy of eyelid diagram

Diagram of Gross anatomy of eyelid
Diagram of Gross anatomy of eyelid -Image referenced from AK khurana(amazon)

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Diagram of Gross anatomy of eyelid explanation

Gross anatomy of the eyelid consists of

  • Orbital portion
  • Upper punctum
  • Lower punctum
  • Openings of tarsal glands
  • Lower palpebral furrow
  • Upper palpebral furrow
  • Tarsal portion
  • Intermarginal strip

anatomy of the eyelid

The eyelids are mobile tissue curtains placed in front of the eyeballs. These act as shutters
protecting the eyes from injuries and excessive light. These also perform an important functionof spreading the tear film over the cornea and conjunctiva and also help in drainage of tears bylacrimal pump system.

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Parts of eyelid.

Each eyelid is divided by a horizontal furrow (sulcus) into an orbital and tarsal part.

Position of lids.

When the eye is open, the upper lid covers about one-sixth of the cornea and the lower lid just touches the limbus.


The two lids meet each other at medial and lateral angles (or outer and inner canthi). In
Caucasians with the lids open, the lateral canthus is about 2 mm higher than the medial canthus.

Palpebral aperture.

It is the elliptical space between the upper and the lower lid. When the eyes are open
it measures about 10–11 mm vertically in the centre and about 28–30 mm horizontally.

Lid margin.

It is about 2 mm broad and is divided into two parts by the punctum. The medial, lacrimal
portion is rounded and devoid of lashes or glands. The lateral, ciliary portion consists of a rounded anterior border, a sharp posterior border (placed against the globe) and an intermarginal strip (between the two borders).

The grey line (which marks junction of skin and conjunctiva) divides the intermarginal strip into an anterior strip bearing 2–3 rows of lashes and a posterior strip on which openings of meibomian glands are arranged in a row. The splitting of the eyelids when required in operations is done at the level of grey line.

Gross anatomy of the eyelid

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