Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies

Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies


We must be cautious when prescribing any medication to our pregnant and breastfeeding patients.

It is best to prescribe a minimal concentration and dose of the medication to limit systemic absorption and toxicity

To further limit systemic absorption, punctal occlusion should be performed for 2 minutes.

Most often, ocular complications during this time are mild, transient, and require little to no treatment. Be that as it may, serious and life-threatening conditions can occur, and we must recognize these changes as health care providers.

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Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies

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Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies during Allergies

• topical use, stick to alcaftadine (Lastacaft. Cetirizine Johnson & Johnson & Johnsen Consumer), and loratidine are all  safe Use only breastfeeding.Use loratidine while breastfeeding.

Antibiotics for Pregnant ladies

• penicilins and cephalosporins are first-choice antibiotics during pregnancy (except for ceftriaxone.

• Erythromycin and polyrnpin B are the safest topical in Pregnancy

• Tetracyclins and fluoroquinolones are not recommended at any stage of pregnancy.

Antivirals for Pregnant ladies

• Oral acyclovir (SitaviL EPI Health; Zovirax. GlaxoSmithKline) and valacydovir (Valtrex. GlaxoSmithKline) are safe category B medications. Topical antivirals should be avoided.

Dilation for Pregnant ladies

• Acceptable during pregnancy and breastfeeding on occasion.

• Tropicamide and cyclopentolate are considered safer to use compared to longer duration drops.

• Phenylephrine Should be avoided unless dilation with tropicamide is for treatment evaluation Of a retinal condition

Dry Eyes management for Pregnant ladies

• It is best to topol cyclosporine and lifitegrast ophthalmic solution (Xiidra, Novartis) in pregnant and breastfeeding patients. Rather, OTC artificial tears, gels, ointments.

Glaucoma management

• Alpha such as brominidine, are Category B and are preferred medication for glaucoma. They be to delivery and Should be breastfeeding.

•beta blockers  are Category C in the first trimester and may Cause late pregnancy complication so should be avoided in the late pregnancy and breastfeeding.

• Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and prostaglandin analogs should also be avoided.

Pain Management Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies

• Acetaminophen is safe during pregnancy but is not. Both are safe while breastfeeding.

Steroids Eye Medication for Pregnant ladies

• Systemic corticosteroids are a relative contraindication in pregnancy.

• Because there are no known teratogenic effects of topical steroids, they are approved by obstetricians for inflammation.


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Recommended book for further study: Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care: Expert Consult

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