emmetropia light pathway

emmetropia pronunciation

Emmetropia is pronounced as (“em-eh-TROE-pee-ah”)

emmetropia meaning

Emmetropia is a state in which the eye is relaxed and focused on an object more than 6 meters or 20 feet away.

emmetropia medical term

Emmetropia is a medical term for naturally occurring clear vision. Emmetropia is often given as the medical definition for 20/20 vision.

What is emmetropia in the human eye?

A person with  emmetropia has clear vision at all distances without corrective lenses and without squinting or straining their eyes.

What causes emmetropia?

Emmetropia occurs when there is perfect balance between the length and the optical power of the eye

That condition of the normal eye is achieved when the refractive power of the cornea and eye lens and the axial length of the eye balance out, which focuses rays exactly on the retina, resulting in perfectly sharp distance vision.

Emmetropia vs. ametropia (refractive errors)

Emmetropia vs. ametropia

When light enters an emmetropic eye, an image focuses perfectly on the retina. This is unlike Ammetropia which means eyes with refractive error.

Emmetropia vs. ametropia

what is ametropia

Ammetropia (refractive error) includes nearsightedness, in which light focuses images in front of the retina, or farsightedness, in which light focuses images behind the retina. There is Astigmatism in which both near and distant objects appear blurry because the cornea is irregularly curved. Astigmatism often accompanies myopia or hyperopia.

Emmetropia vs. ametropia

Do you need vision correction for emmetropia?

No correction is needed for emmetropia but you may still need a plano Anti reflective glass if you work too much on computer or a sunglass to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

Presbyopia is a condition of eye  It usually begins around age 40, when the lens starts to lose some flexibility and there is difficulty in seeing near and it affects every one so a Emmetropes with presbyopia might use lenses for near vision..

What is a good emmetropia score?

on a Snellen chart test, emmetropic eyes score at least “6/6″(m) or “20/20″(ft) vision, meaning that at a distance of 20 ft (the first number) they see as well as a “normal” eye at a distance of 20 ft (the second number).

Typical emmetropic vision might be 20/15 to 20/10 (visual acuity of 1.3 to 2).

Emmetropia in children

Newborns are typically hypermetropic and then undergo a myopic shift to become emmetropic.(1)

What is the accommodation of the lens in emmetropia?

Accommodation is the process in which the eyes see objects at different distances and maintain clear images of the objects by the convergence and divergence of light.

In emmetropia, and the lens is about 3.6 mm thick at the centre. Throughout the aging process, the lens inside each eye thickens and becomes less elastic until it is unable to change shape. This means the eye can no longer increase its focusing power to see near objects clearly. It usually starts at 40 and people with normal healthy eye begin to get difficulty reading the small prints. When Eye begins to loose accommodation, it is entering a normal phase of life called presbyopia and it can be easily corrected with glasses or contact lens. Do visit your nearest optometrist.


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