Can ufc fighters wear contacts

Can ufc fighters wear contacts?Can you box with contacts

The regulations regarding the use of contact lenses in professional combat sports differ based on the governing bodies and authorities at the regional, national, and international levels.

In the realm of combat sports, it’s common for numerous amateur and professional boxing organizations to prohibit the wearing of contact lenses during matches. But Fortunately various associations overseeing mixed martial arts (MMA) and prestigious professional leagues like the UFC often permit fighters to wear contact lenses while competing.

Can ufc fighters wear contacts

Precautions by a ufc fighter wearing contact

Engaging in any combat sport when you have vision problems can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are a variety of contact lens options that offer clear and comfortable vision, so you can focus on pursuing your passion for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA.

Typically, if a ufc fighter wears contact lenses during a match, they must:

  1. Inform the relevant officials and the opposing fighter about their use of contact lenses before the fight.
  2. Have a backup pair of contact lenses readily available in case one gets dislodged or damaged during the fight.
  3. Ensure that their contact lenses are properly fitted and meet any additional requirements set by the commission or organization.
Can ufc fighters wear contacts

Can ufc fighters wear contacts

It’s crucial for fighters to consult with an eye care professional or optometrist who specializes in contact lenses. They can assess the fighter’s specific needs and recommend the most suitable type of contact lenses based on factors like prescription, eye shape, comfort, and convenience. Additionally, fighters should follow proper hygiene and care routines for their lenses to minimize the risk of eye infections or complications.

Contact lens suitable for fighters

Fighters who choose to wear contact lenses during their matches should consider certain types that are more suitable for their needs. Here are a few types of contact lenses that are often favored by fighters:

  1. Daily Disposable Lenses: These are single-use contact lenses that you wear once and then discard. They are convenient because there’s no need for cleaning and maintenance, and they reduce the risk of eye infections. Fighters can put in a fresh pair before each fight.
  2. Soft Contact Lenses: Soft lenses are comfortable to wear and provide good oxygen flow to the eyes. They are less likely to dislodge or cause discomfort during a fight. Many fighters prefer them for their ease of use.
  3. Toric Lenses: If a fighter has astigmatism, toric contact lenses are designed to correct this condition. They provide clear vision for individuals with irregularly shaped corneas.
  4. Extended Wear Lenses: These contact lenses are designed to be worn continuously for an extended period (usually up to a week) before replacement. Fighters might find them convenient during training camps or multi-day events.
  5. Hybrid Lenses: Hybrid lenses combine the benefits of both rigid gas permeable (RGP) and soft lenses. They provide clear vision like RGP lenses while offering the comfort of soft lenses.
  6. Custom-Fit Lenses: Some fighters with unique eye shapes or vision issues may benefit from custom-fitted contact lenses. These are specially designed to match the individual’s eye characteristics.
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Hybrid lenses

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