Description of topical Anti-allergic Agents

 Description of Topical Anti-allergic Agents

 Antihistamines  : Histamine, a chemical agent causes allergic reactions. Anti-histamine agents are  used so as to counteract the actions of histamine.


Topical Topical Anti-allergic Agents/ Anti-histaminic Agents

  1. Pheneramine Maleate
  2. Levocobastine hydrochloride
  3. Emedastine difumarate ophthalmic solution
  4. Antazoline ophthalmic solution
  5. Azelastine hydro-chloride

Pheneramine Maleate

topical Anti-allergic Agents

A histaminic agent used extensively in mild to moderate ocular allergic disorders.

Most of the time it is used along with Phenylephrine and or Naphazoline Eye drops.

2) Levocabastine Hydrochloride

A potent antihistaminic agent. It provides relief within few minutes.

Dosage > Ophthalmic suspension 0.05 per cent I drop 4 times/daily dose.

3) Emedastine Difumarate

Selective HI receptor antagonist.

Indication  > Allergic conjunctivitis

Dosage > Ophthalmic solution 0.05 per cent 1 drop 4 times/day.

Adverse Reaction > Burning sensation, headache, blurred vision

4) ‘Azetastine Hydrochloride

It is an antihistaminic agent. It also has leukotriene and platelet aggregating factor antagonistic activity.

Topical Anti-allergic Agents


i) Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis

ii) Vemal kerato conjunctivitis

Dosage > Ophthalmic solution 0.05 per cent, 3 drop 3 to 4 times/day.

Adverse Reaction > Burning sensation, local imitation


Topical Anti-allergic Agents

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