Eye Flu Cases on surge

Surge in Eye Flu Cases : Advisory Issued by Agra Health Department to Schools

Taking note of cases of eye flu, the health department has urged people to visit government health centres if they have symptoms of eye flu and asked them to avoid self-medication or home remedies.

Eye Flu Cases on surge

Eye Flu Cases on surge

Advisory issued in schools of Agra due to rise in cases of viral conjunctivitis PTI

Health officials have raised concerns over a surge in cases of viral conjunctivitis in the area, prompting them to issue an advisory to schools. The advisory directs schools to inform students and parents about the disease. To tackle the increasing cases of eye flu among school children, health camps have been organized in various locations, including Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Pinahat, and Jagner, with the possibility of adding more camps in other areas.

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According to Dr. Pravindra Verma, an eye surgeon at the district hospital, the outpatient department (OPD) witnesses over 100 patients daily with complaints of viral conjunctivitis. He attributes the rise in cases to the rainy season and humidity.

Symptoms of eye flu include itching, red eyes, swelling in eyelids, and white discharge. Dr. Singhdha Sen from SN Medical College and Hospital also reported an increase in patients visiting the OPD with complaints of eye flu.

To prevent further spread of the disease, Dr. Sen advised separating and regularly washing towels, bed sheets, and other clothes of infected individuals. The health department urges people to seek medical attention at government health centers instead of resorting to self-medication or home remedies.

Schools have been instructed to educate children about viral conjunctivitis and discourage parents from sending infected children to school. Online classes may be considered if the number of cases continues to rise.

Nodal officer Dr. Surendra Mohan Prajapati emphasized the importance of visiting government hospitals or health centers and avoiding self-medication or home remedies if symptoms arise. He noted that eye flu cases are predominantly increasing among school children in rural areas. Health camps are being organized in the affected regions to address the situation.

Eye Flu Cases

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