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EYE-Q is now offering the Light Adjustable Lens to patients who are having cataract surgery

EYE-Q is now offering the Light Adjustable Lens to patients who are having cataract surgery

Individuals undergoing cataract surgery can now gain from EYE-Q’s cutting-edge Light Adjustable Lens technology.

What are Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) and Light Delivery Device (LDD) are medical devices that can be used after cataract surgery to improve vision without eyeglasses in some patients. Read more about Light adjustable lens

The Light Adjustable Lens is made of a special photosensitive material that changes the power of the implanted lens in response to ultraviolet (UV) light, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

EYE-Q is now offering the Light Adjustable Lens

Dr. Frank Diocesan insists that every individual will eventually experience the development of a cataract, characterised by a hazy area within the eye’s lens.

The process of cataract surgery includes the elimination of the hazy lens and the alternative of a fabricated lens.

“By getting rid of a cataract, we intend to enhance patients’ general wellness, not simply their visual acuity,” Dr. Bishop clarified. “The procedure can significantly improve their quality of life, permitting them to preserve their freedom, continue functioning, and drive safely.”

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The lens option happens prior to the operation, and it is essential to note that there is no universal lens power. Furthermore, once the lens has actually been put, it can not be customized.

According to Dr. Diocesan, it brings about specific individuals still relying on eyeglasses or call lenses.

The ingenious Light Flexible Lens, which has obtained FDA authorization, aims to address this issue.

“This modern technology supplies excellent long-distance and intermediate vision, along with some close-range vision,” Dr. Diocesan noted. “In addition, it allows us to tweak the focus of one or both eyes for even better end results.”

The medical professional can customize the lens prescription to resolve the unique visual requirements of each patient, making sure a customized fit and optimum vision modification.

The treatment is finished with the lens in the eye and a beam of light of UV light from the Light Shipment Device.

Dr. Diocesan described that the light is specifically calibrated to achieve the desired prescription. This light is projected onto the lens in a special plan, efficiently accomplishing the designated end results. The procedure is totally secure and does not call for any kind of invasive treatments, usually taking around 15 mins to finish.

Since the lens is readjusted by light, clients can try various degrees of vision to see what’s best.

EYE-Q already has around 10 patients scheduled to go into cataract surgery with the light adjustable lens.

The new technology is also offered at their locations in Clovis and Selma.

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