American Optometric Association Malpractice Insurance

American Optometric Association Malpractice Insurance: A Review of the Professional Liability Coverage

What is malpractice insurance?

Malpractice insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, is a type of insurance that protects health care providers from the risk of being sued for negligence or errors in the services they provide. Malpractice insurance can help cover the legal fees, settlements, or judgments that may arise from a malpractice claim

American Optometric Association Malpractice Insurance

Need of American Optometric Association Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is required by law for those practicing in the field of optometry. Coverage helps protect you and your practice from the stress of handling a claim alone, as well as the high cost of legal fees and judgements. Today, the cost to handle a claim, even one where you prevail, can be very high, jeopardizing your career and your business.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) is the leading professional organization for doctors of optometry, optometry students, and paraoptometric staff in the United States. The AOA offers various benefits and resources to its members, including malpractice insurance through its endorsed partner, Lockton Affinity

Lockton Affinity is an insurance program administrator that specializes in providing customized insurance solutions for various industries and associations. Lockton Affinity has partnered with AOAExcel, a subsidiary of the AOA that provides business and career solutions for optometrists, to offer malpractice insurance policies that are designed specifically for the eye care industry

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Benefits of the AOA malpractice insurance

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Some of the features and benefits of the AOA malpractice insurance are:

Full-scope practice coverage: The AOA malpractice insurance covers the full scope of practice of optometry, including any changes or expansions in the state’s scope of practice. The policy will automatically update to reflect any new procedures or services that are allowed by the state law

Group discounts: The AOA malpractice insurance offers exclusive discounts to AOA members who are in groups of two or more. The discounts vary depending on the size and location of the group

New graduate discounts: The AOA malpractice insurance also offers discounts to new and recent graduates who are AOA members. The discounts can range from 25% to 50%, depending on the year of graduation

Complimentary policy review: The AOA malpractice insurance provides a complimentary policy review service to AOA members who want to compare their current policy with the AOA policy. The policy review can help identify any gaps or exclusions in the coverage, as well as any potential savings or benefits from switching to the AOA policy

Online application and quote: The AOA malpractice insurance allows users to apply and get a quote online through a simple and secure process. Users can also access their policy documents and certificates online at any time

Limitations of AOA malpractice insurance

Some of the drawbacks or limitations of the AOA malpractice insurance are:

Claims-made policy: The AOA malpractice insurance is a claims-made policy, which means that it only covers claims that are filed while the policy is in effect. If a claim is filed after the policy expires or is canceled, the policy will not cover it unless the user purchases an extended reporting period (tail) coverage. Tail coverage can be expensive and may not be available in some cases

Cost: The AOA malpractice insurance may have a higher cost than other optometry insurance options, depending on the state and county of practice, the limits and deductibles of the policy, and other factors. Users may need to pay a monthly fee per provider or per location, depending on their plan. Users may also need to pay extra for additional services or features, such as cyber liability insurance or employment practices liability insurance

Cost of

It depends on year of your practice, your location, the state you practice in, average hour of practice and desired limits. You can calculate your premium here.


The AOA malpractice insurance is a professional liability coverage that is offered by Lockton Affinity . It is designed to meet the needs and preferences of optometrists who are members of the AOA. It has several features and benefits, such as full-scope practice coverage, group discounts, new graduate discounts, complimentary policy review, and online application and quote. It also has some drawbacks or limitations, such as claims-made policy, cost, and availability. Users should weigh the pros and cons of the AOA malpractice insurance before deciding whether it is suitable for their needs.

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