olleyes visual field cost

olleyes visual field cost (olleyes visuall VRP)

What is olleyes visuall VRP (virtual reality platform) ETS?

The Virtual Reality Platform (VRP) designed for standardized and mobile assessment of the visual field.

The Olleyes VisuALL VRP (Virtual Reality Platform) ETS is revolutionizing vision testing by offering a comprehensive solution that enhances the patient experience, improves clinical results, streamlines practice efficiency, and reduces overhead costs. This remarkable VR Visual Field headset is not just a portable perimeter; it’s a unique multi-test system that’s changing the game in ophthalmology.

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The Olleyes VisuALL VRP: A Game-Changer in Vision Testing

Retinal Sensitivity Analysis

One of the most significant advantages of the Olleyes VisuALL VRP is its automatic analysis of retinal sensitivity. This feature is particularly crucial for patients with Glaucoma and other visual disorders, where precise monitoring and early detection can make a world of difference. By providing accurate data on retinal sensitivity, this system empowers clinicians to make more informed decisions and tailor treatment plans to individual patients’ needs.

Versatile Testing Capabilities

While the primary focus of the VisuALL VRP is retinal sensitivity analysis, it doesn’t stop there. This system offers a variety of other tests, making it a comprehensive diagnostic tool. Whether you need to assess visual field defects, evaluate peripheral vision, or perform other crucial vision tests, the VisuALL VRP has got you covered. Its versatility ensures that eye care professionals can conduct a wide range of examinations conveniently, all from a single device.

Virtual Assistant: Boosting Office Productivity

The VisuALL VRP’s virtual assistant is a game-changer in terms of office productivity. It allows clinicians to examine multiple patients simultaneously, drastically reducing wait times and improving overall efficiency. This not only benefits the practice by increasing patient care but also enhances the patient experience. Patients spend less time waiting and more time receiving personalized care, resulting in higher satisfaction levels.

Compact and Comfortable Design

The Olleyes VisuALL VRP is designed with both patients and clinicians in mind. Its compact and comfortable design ensures that patients can undergo testing without feeling claustrophobic or uncomfortable. Gone are the days of intimidating, large machines and dark rooms. With the VisuALL VRP, vision testing becomes a more comfortable and accessible experience for all.

Seamless EMR Integration

Integrating technology seamlessly into clinical workflows is essential for modern healthcare. The VisuALL VRP simplifies this process by offering seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. This means that test results and patient data can be easily accessed, stored, and shared within the practice, contributing to more efficient patient management and better record-keeping.

Eye Tracking for Precision

Eye tracking technology within the VisuALL VRP ensures precision during testing. It enables the system to precisely follow the patient’s eye movements, resulting in more accurate and reliable test results. This level of precision is critical when diagnosing and monitoring visual disorders, as it allows for early detection and better tracking of progression.

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olleyes visual field cost (olleyes visuall VRP)

There are 2 models of olleyes visuall VRP

  1. olleyes visuall VRP ETS Model:
olleyes visual field Cost
  1. olleyes visuall VRP S Model
olleyes visual field Cost

Difference in two olleyes visual field Model

olleyes visual field Cost

The Olleyes ETS (Eye Testing System) offers two distinct models, the ETS True VR and the ETS S. These models cater to different needs and preferences, and it’s essential to compare their features across various aspects to determine which one suits your requirements better.


ETS True VR:

  • 4K Screen: The ETS True VR features a 4K screen, providing high-resolution visuals, which is essential for accurate and detailed diagnostic tests.
  • Balanced Design: It has a balanced design, ensuring comfort for both patients and clinicians during testing.


  • 4K Screen: Like the True VR model, the ETS S also boasts a 4K screen for clear and detailed imagery.
  • Balanced Design: Similar to the True VR, it maintains a balanced design for user comfort.

Fixation Method

ETS True VR:

  • Eye Tracking Cameras: This model employs eye tracking cameras, which help maintain accurate fixation during diagnostic tests.


  • Heijl-Krakau Tracking Method: The ETS S relies on the Heijl-Krakau tracking method for fixation. While this method is effective, it may not offer the same level of precision as eye tracking cameras.

Virtual Assistant

ETS True VR:

  • Annie, Virtual AI Assistant: The True VR model comes equipped with Annie, a virtual AI assistant. This feature enhances office productivity by enabling the examination of multiple patients simultaneously.


  • Annie, Virtual AI Assistant: Similar to the True VR model, the ETS S also includes Annie, the virtual AI assistant, to assist with patient examinations and workflow.

Diagnostic Tests

ETS True VR:

  • Diagnostic Tests: It offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests, including visual fields, color vision, acuity, pupillometry, extraocular muscle (EOM) testing, and contrast sensitivity assessments.


  • Diagnostic Tests: The ETS S model provides several diagnostic tests, including visual fields, color vision, acuity, and contrast sensitivity assessments. However, it does not include pupillometry and EOM testing.

Dynamic Matrix

ETS True VR:

  • Dynamic Matrix Capable: The True VR model is capable of dynamic matrix testing, which is beneficial for assessing visual field defects and other dynamic vision-related conditions.


  • Not Available: The ETS S model does not offer dynamic matrix testing capability.

In summary, both the ETS True VR and ETS S models share key features such as a 4K screen, a balanced design, and the presence of Annie, the virtual AI assistant. However, the ETS True VR stands out with its eye tracking cameras, dynamic matrix testing capability, and a more extensive range of diagnostic tests, including pupillometry and EOM testing.

On the other hand, the ETS S relies on the Heijl-Krakau tracking method for fixation and offers a slightly more limited set of diagnostic tests. The choice between these models will depend on your specific clinical requirements and preferences for fixation methods and diagnostic capabilities.

olleyes visual field Cost

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