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3 Best Digital phoropter

Digital phoropter OFTAS OCULUS

Digital phoropter OFTAS OCULUS

3 best Aberrometers

Digital Phoropter OFTAS OCULUS

The Digital Phoropter OFTAS by OCULUS represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of optometry, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency, and patient comfort in refraction procedures. Designed with cutting-edge technology and ergonomic considerations, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter streamlines the process of determining the most accurate and personalized prescription for each patient.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Digital Technology: The OFTAS Digital Phoropter utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology to replace traditional manual lenses with a digital interface. This enables seamless adjustments of refractive parameters, ensuring precise and rapid refractive measurements.
  2. Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter allows optometrists to effortlessly control and customize the refractive parameters. The user-friendly interface enhances workflow efficiency and minimizes the learning curve for staff members.
  3. Wide Range of Refractive Options: With a comprehensive range of refractive options, including sphere, cylinder, axis, and prism, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter accommodates diverse patient needs and provides flexibility in prescribing accurate prescriptions for various visual conditions.
  4. Customizable Preset Programs: The OFTAS Digital Phoropter offers customizable preset programs, allowing optometrists to save and recall frequently used settings. This feature enhances efficiency during routine examinations and ensures consistency in patient care.
  5. Seamless Integration: Designed for seamless integration into digital practice workflows, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter can be easily connected to electronic medical record (EMR) systems and diagnostic devices, enabling efficient data transfer and streamlined documentation.
  6. Patient Comfort and Engagement: Engineered with patient comfort in mind, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter minimizes discomfort during refraction procedures. Its sleek and modern design enhances the patient experience, promoting engagement and cooperation throughout the examination.
  7. Precision Optics: Built on OCULUS’s legacy of precision optics, the OFTAS Digital Phoropter delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability in refraction measurements. Optometrists can trust in the instrument’s precise performance to provide patients with optimal visual outcomes.

Digital Phoropter VisionFit SC

Digital phoropter OFTAS OCULUS

The VisionFit SC redefines the traditional sight examination experience with its innovative, electronic, mobile, and wearable adaptive refractor. This cutting-edge device revolutionizes the subjective sight examination process by effectively replacing both the trial frame and manual/electronic phoropter functionalities.

Unlike conventional phoropters, the VisionFit SC enables examinations in a free posture, allowing patients to maintain their usual working environment and posture during the procedure. This mobility and adaptability make it ideal for non-cooperative patients, eliminating the need for strict control of patient positioning. With its comfortable and compact design, the VisionFit SC reduces examination time while increasing peripheral vision, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of visual acuity.

Main Benefits:

  1. Wearable and Mobile: Designed to fit just like a trial frame, the VisionFit SC offers unparalleled mobility and convenience, allowing patients to move freely during the examination process.
  2. Adjustable Step Resolution: With adjustable step resolution down to 0.05 D, the VisionFit SC provides precise and customizable refractive measurements tailored to each patient’s unique needs.
  3. Free Posture Examination: The ability to examine patients in a free posture enhances comfort and engagement, resulting in more accurate and reliable refractive outcomes.
  4. Reduced Footprint and Exam Time: Its small footprint and ergonomic design reduce examination time while optimizing patient comfort and peripheral vision.
  5. Ideal for Non-Cooperative Patients: The VisionFit SC is ideal for patients who may have difficulty cooperating during traditional refraction procedures, offering a hassle-free and patient-friendly experience.
  6. Wireless Connectivity: Controlled via Bluetooth connection using an Android tablet, the VisionFit SC offers seamless wireless operation, giving patients the freedom of movement during the examination process.
  7. Versatile Application: The VisionFit SC Application allows for instant control and customization of refractive values, as well as the ability to save and share examination data effortlessly.

How it Works:

The VisionFit SC is completely self-powered, featuring a long-life battery pack included in the headband for uninterrupted operation. Controlled via Bluetooth connection using an Android tablet, the device offers a wireless and user-friendly examination experience. The VisionFit SC Application drives the phoropter (VisionFit SC head unit) instantly, allowing practitioners to set, adjust, save, and share refractive values with ease.

Digital Phoropter HDR-9000

Digital Phoropter HDR-9000

The HDR-9000 Digital Phoropter is a revolutionary addition to the field of optometry, offering an extensive range of examination options to facilitate precise and efficient refraction procedures. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the HDR-9000 empowers practitioners to perform comprehensive eye exams with ease, regardless of their level of expertise.

Key Features:

  1. 21 Point Exam: The HDR-9000 simplifies the refraction process with its 21 Point Exam feature, eliminating the need for complex knowledge or experience. This intuitive system enables anyone to perform refraction easily and accurately, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing reliance on specialized expertise.
  2. Tablet PC Control (Optional): With the option for Tablet PC control, practitioners can choose from three interface options: Classic OP panel, Windows Tablet, or PC. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into different practice settings and preferences, enhancing user convenience and adaptability.
  3. Tiltable Body: The HDR-9000 features a tiltable body that enables highly advanced near vision examinations. With the ability to adjust from 0° to 45°, patients experience the sensation of reading a book, facilitating more accurate and comfortable near vision assessments.
  4. Wireless Communication: Experience the convenience of wireless communication with the HDR-9000A and HLM-9000 via Wi-Fi for data transmission. Alternatively, RS-232 cable connection is also possible, ensuring compatibility with various devices and setups.


  • Measurement Range: The HDR-9000 offers a comprehensive measurement range for spherical and cylinder lenses, rotary prism lenses, cross cylinders, and retinoscopic lenses. Additionally, it includes auxiliary lenses such as occluding apertures, pinhole lenses, Maddox rods, filters, and prism lenses for enhanced examination versatility.
  • Auxiliary Lenses: A wide range of auxiliary lenses is available to accommodate diverse examination needs, including occluding apertures, pinhole lenses, Maddox rods, red/green filters, polarizing filters, split prism lenses, and fixed cross cylinder lenses.

Which is the best digital phoropter?

So let us compare the three digital phoropters – the VisionFit SC, the Digital Phoropter OFTAS OCULUS, and the Digital Phoropter HDR-9000 – we’ll evaluate them based on key factors such as technology, usability, mobility, examination options, and connectivity.


  • The VisionFit SC utilizes wearable and mobile technology, providing a unique solution for subjective sight examinations. It offers wireless connectivity and control via Bluetooth using an Android tablet.
  • The OFTAS OCULUS features advanced digital technology with a touchscreen interface for seamless operation. It provides comprehensive refractive options and connectivity to electronic medical record systems.
  • The HDR-9000 combines innovative features such as a 21 Point Exam, tiltable body design, and wireless communication for efficient and precise refraction procedures.


  • The VisionFit SC stands out for its wearable design and hands-free operation, making it ideal for non-cooperative patients. Its small footprint and wireless connectivity enhance usability and patient comfort.
  • The OFTAS OCULUS offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface and customizable preset programs for streamlined examinations. Its compact design and comprehensive examination options contribute to ease of use.
  • The HDR-9000 features intuitive controls and adjustable step resolution, simplifying the refraction process for practitioners. Its tiltable body design enables advanced near vision examinations, enhancing usability and patient experience.


  • The VisionFit SC excels in mobility with its wearable design, allowing patients to move freely during examinations. Its wireless connectivity and compact form factor offer flexibility in practice settings.
  • The OFTAS OCULUS offers mobility through its compact design and wireless connectivity, enabling examinations in various environments. Its small footprint reduces space requirements and enhances portability.
  • The HDR-9000 provides mobility through wireless communication and optional tablet PC control, facilitating examinations in different settings. Its ergonomic design and tiltable body enhance patient comfort and mobility.

Examination Options:

  • The VisionFit SC offers subjective sight examinations with adjustable step resolution and a wide range of auxiliary lenses for comprehensive assessments.
  • The OFTAS OCULUS provides advanced refractive options and customizable preset programs for precise and efficient examinations.
  • The HDR-9000 features a 21 Point Exam and a comprehensive measurement range for spherical and cylinder lenses, rotary prism lenses, and auxiliary lenses.


  • The VisionFit SC offers wireless communication and control via Bluetooth using an Android tablet, ensuring seamless integration into digital practice workflows.
  • The OFTAS OCULUS features connectivity to electronic medical record systems and diagnostic devices, enabling efficient data transfer and documentation.
  • The HDR-9000 offers wireless communication with compatible devices via Wi-Fi for data transmission, enhancing connectivity and compatibility.

In summary, each digital phoropter offers unique features and advantages tailored to specific practice needs. The VisionFit SC stands out for its wearable design and hands-free operation, while the OFTAS OCULUS excels in usability and comprehensive examination options. The HDR-9000 combines innovative technology with advanced features for efficient and precise refraction procedures. Practitioners should consider their specific requirements and preferences when selecting the most suitable digital phoropter for their practice.

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