Polylite contact lenses

What are polylite contact lenses?

Polylite contact lenses are a type of monthly disposable color lenses that offer a variety of colors for the eyes. They are made of polyhema, a material that has a high hydration level and is safe and comfortable to wear. Polylite lenses also have a built-in UV blocker that reduces the harmful effects of UV rays.

Where can you buy polylite contact lenses?

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colored contact lenses

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Polylite Prosthetic Contact lenses

Some places where you can buy polylite contact lenses are:

  • First Lens, a website that sells polylite 38 prosthetic contact lenses, which are designed to cover the cornea if it has become cloudy or opaque and match the other eye. They also provide delivery and tracking services.
  • SoftTouchLenses, a website that sells polylite 38 contact lenses in different colors, such as tricky turquoise, celebration, and hazel. They also offer discounts and free shipping on orders above a certain amount.
  • Visionaart, a website that sells polylite monthly color lenses in various shades, such as blue, green, and brown. They also have a customer care service and a return policy.

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